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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Gray Cook, sportsphysiotherapist.com, and SMR Blog.

Are you excited for Gray Cook and Stu McGill's presentation together at Stanford? Do you think they are at odds or do they have more in common than most clinician's think? Gray shares his thoughts on the matter prior to the big event at his own site! Always an amazing read.

A blogger I had not been following recently introduced himself in and his site. Shane Hayes is a Kung Fu master.... well, not really, but he is working with Chinese professional athletes, many of whom never had rehab before. He recounts the differences, trials and tribulations of being an Australian Sports Physiotherapist working in China. It's a very interesting read and I will definitely be following his blog!

SMR Blog reviewed a Systematic Review, my (least) favorite level of evidence that often proves that your favorite intervention is not likely to be statistically significant. Good news, they have identified that hip exercises help PFS! Even better news... so did almost any exercise in general. As always, there were limitations to the review, click to read more.

Shout out to Jas Randhawa! This bright future clincian braved the QEW, Peace Bridge traffic and crazy Canadian drivers just to come hang with me in the clinic for a day. Why so serious Jas? Just to let anyone know, if anyone else wants to hang, talk shop, or be a fly in the wall, just contact me!

Remember to read the OMPT Daily as well!

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