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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links are from Physio Spot, Zac Cupples, and Cinema Says.

Check out this review by Physio Spot and Physio Pedia founder Rachael Lowe. Even a admittedly out of practice physio found the 6+ hours of instructional videos very helpful!

Zac Cupples continues his review of Shacklock's Clinical Neurodynamics. His newest reviews have been very helpful and complimented by videos. It has been a while since I thought of assessing from a pure neurodynamic standpoint, but it was good to go through it again in our recent google+ hangout consultation.

What do you think of the EBP with an agenda? Personally, I grow tired of "There is no evidence to use IASTM... Cochrane reviews show SMT as not being any more effective than traditional...." blah blah... Then you get a link to a study, with no real constructive information attached such as, why don't you try this... etc. The problem with many of these EB police as I like to call them is their agenda. They often call others out, invading their facebook pages, blogs, etc... then go back to their forums and all high five each other. There is often a lack of respect for a fellow clinician. Does being informed to current evidence which may change in a few years make you better than the clinician you are trying to inform? Many of them (not all) come across as professional internet trolls. In the end, they're doing many of the same treatments but have a different framework. That doesn't make the traditional OMPT clinician or MDT clinician who is using an outdated model, but still having amazing outcomes a poor clinician, just a little behind the times. Cinema Says, a PT by profession, but having a multi-topic blog recently wrote about EB practice and how the pendulum swings both ways. It is best to remain open and not dogmatic... but then again, the rational, respectful clinicians already knew that, didn't you?

Remember to read the OMPT Daily if you want more links!

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