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Top 5 Fridays! 5 Great Apps For Clinicians

As a techie, I actually do all my sites myself, and use my tablet, computer, and cell a lot. I am an android/windows fan, but many of these apps can be found on any platform.

1) Feedly

With the much publicized death of google reader, many of us lost our RSS aggregators. If you read a lot of blogs and follow others on facebook/twitter like myself for info, feedly is available as an app for iOS, android and as a web site. You an use it to subscribe to any site, like say... and get the updates as they appear. This is very handy for getting snippets of any article or post on any of your favorite blogs/sites all in one place.

2) Google keep

I'm also an unabashed google fan in (naturally for an android user), so I do not need many of the features of competing programs like evernote. Google keep integrates with your google drive to keep literally anything you can think of. Need to leave yourself a note, your reminder will pop up in your google now or google chrome notifications. See something you want to remember? Take a picture of it and save it in keep with a note to remember. Every time I come across something I want to share on Quick Links, I share the url of the post on google keep for later sharing of my own. Super handy! I also use the list feature for grocery lists. If my wife wants to add something I forgot to add to the original list, she can add it, and it will pop up on my cell.

3) camscanner

This is an app everyone should have for their business and makes travelling very easy. No more need for faxing as this handy app takes a picture, auto crops and corrects for keystone (just try it if you do not know what that is) and brightens it as well. This is how I send all my documents and registrations for courses back to Medical Minds in Motion. I showed one of the other instructors who was using hotel faxes, and I'm sure he has not gone back to old school!

4) hellofax

If someone actually needs to fax something to me, I just use hellofax. While not an app, it integrates with google drive/docs and other storage services. For $9.99/month you get a fax number (you can choose the area code) and anything that is faxed gets emailed to you. You can also fax any pdf or document that you have on your hard drive. Let's get rid of the paper already!

5) youtube

Yes, that youtube. I have never been a hand of static 2d handouts. This came from spending all the extra time taking pictures out of a binder for someone's HEP and having them come back and perform the exercises incorrectly, the exercise not being demonstrated or even available, etc... I quickly learned the patients who really needed it just required follow up ASAP to practice and review. However, if the patient has a smartphone and most do, just use their camera to take a pic/movie of them performing the ex for their reference. If they do not, I take a movie on my cell, upload it to youtube, make it private, and share it with them. Much faster than taking static pics with directions and making/printing copies.

Staying Eclectic...

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