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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links are from The Student Physical Therapist, Gray Cook, and the ISPI.

The no longer SPTs over at The Student Physical Therapist blog wrote recently on the importance of using outcome measures. I do agree they can be helpful in measuring function, etc, but I do not use them in my clinic. I use my patient's function and movement combined with their subjective reporting for my outcomes. Coming from 6 years working in peer review, I have a skewed view on outcome questionnaires like the ODI NDI, LEFS, and DASH. Time and again, when an insured filled them out, with something to gain, in this case, more visits, they were not filled out properly. Using them for pure outcomes are one thing, and helpful, but often when used to "get more visits" the results were often worse than the patient really was.

Gray Cook recently posted on the FMS Screening and Physical Limitations. Do you still run the individual through the movement screen if they have a deformity, physical disability, etc? Find out what he has to say here!

ISPI puts out a monthly newsletter that you can subscribe to. It is always well written and full of useful information with research reviews and more. Click here to read their latest.

For more links new and old, read the OMPT Daily!

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