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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links are from Ann Wendel, Zac Cupples and the Austrailian Physiotherapy Association.

Ann Wendel recently wrote a counterpoint to a Washington Post article by a consumer with a bad PT experience. It is a well thought out piece that raises several points and not just "how dare he" argument. Read, it, share it! The Value of the Cost of Treatment. Great job Ann!

Dr. Zac Cupples continues to read and post reviews. If you do not have Michael Shacklock's text on Clinical Neurodynamics, I highly recommend it. For a concise chapter by chapter review, go to Zac's website. Here is chapter 1.

This is the kind of video that should go viral, but it won't. It's a bit long for what it is, but it has everything, family, a herding dog (my favorite kind), and Physical Therapy with results! Does the APTA ever do anything like this? Click here for Improve your Move by the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

For more links new and old, visit the OMPT Daily!

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