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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links are from Physio Spot, Ben Fung, and PubMed.

I see a good amount of cervicogenic HA in my practice with all of the TMD patients. Physiospot reviewed a research article on Physiotherapist's perception on non responders. I agree that 75% of them respond to PT (particularly MDT, OMPT, education, and HEP). I have definitely added balloon breathing to most of my newer patients when they have not responded and it seems to help almost everyone I give it to. Click to read what the physios in the study felt were factors that predicted a non-responder. Do you agree? What are some of your findings on predictors of non-responders for cervicogenic HA?

Thanks to the STOPS Back Pain Research Group for posting this abstract to their facebook page! While we all know this in rehab, it was refreshing to see it studies. Early MRI leading to higher costs and no improvement in outcomes, and lower rates of going off disability. Now please insurance carries, please stop covering unnecessary MRIs!

What is this week's #BrandPT Challenge? Why, it's #kneepain! Click here for Dr. Ben Fung's blog post!

As always, more to be found on the OMPT Daily!

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