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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from David Butler, Patrick Ward, and KevinMD

But first.... I have to plug #IASTM Technique

IASTM Technique - Coming soon!

On to the Quick Links!

Have you heard of the Tensegrity concept? I use some of this research to back up what is happening peripherally with STM techniques in my Eclectic Approach. I think it fits in nicely with CNS changes as well. Patrick Ward reviews a recent article for local traditional massage and a more regional "tensegrity" type individualized treatment. Click the link to see which group fared better! I know, no control group, small sample size, and individualized Tx... I like these studies as they are more applicable to clinicians.

Here is a video of David Butler, recently uploaded to his youtube channel introducing an upcoming Explain Pain Course in London.

A guest post on KevinMD shows I think a difference in PT and traditional medicine approaches. I think we come across as more personable and/or accessible and I would not have been surprised during my training if a patient also asked me how I was. Possibly, in the hospital setting, but not outpatient. Thoughts?

Don't forget about the OMPT Daily!

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