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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links are from Jesse Physio, Ben Fung, and OMPT Blog!

First up, IASTM Technique is coming, brought to you by Mike Reinold and myself! Here is the link!

Next, we have Jesse Awenus talking about 4 Causes of Knee Pain That Have Nothing to Do With the Knee. What are they? Click to find out! It fits in well with my COTW from yesterday!

If you're on twitter and PT social media, you know Dr. Ben Fung's tweet challenge to help #BrandPT. This week is #shoulderpain. Get out there and hashtag, you can do this in Google plus, twitter, and facebook!

OMPT Blog, not this one, but written by John Snyder, has a new page for CPR's, as in Clinical Prediction Rules. There are some in there I was not aware of, like the Pittsburgh Knee Rules, very similar to the Ottawa Foot and Ankle Rules, plus the Cervicothoracic Manipulation for Shoulder Pain. 53 degrees is pretty specific for IR, that would require a goniometer, I don't even own one! Great job with the compilation John!

There is always the OMPT Daily for more recent and older great links!

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