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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Better Movement, Jeff Cubos, and the new OMPT Daily!

Todd Hargrove of Better Movement wrote up a two part review of seminar from Dr. Geoffrey Bove. If you have not heard of him, much of his work on pain and the peripheral nervous system has been used by Shacklock and Butler. What Butler calls an AIGs, Bove calls "tethering." This is a great write up and refreshing to hear about peripheral inflammation leading to CNS and not the other way around. Contacting Dr. Bove, he told me this, there is no pain without the PNS. I think it's good for a modern clinician to consider the role of the PNS and the CNS in pain perception.

Dr. Jeff Cubos has been posting quite a bit of reflective posts lately. I feel if you do not change your framework or evolve every few years, you are stagnant. It is healthy to evolve and that requires change. This is Jeff's current guiding framework. The most important other than sticking to basics, is not adhering to your own principles, IMO.

If you did not like (or even know about or use) the previous OMPT Daily, it has been redone to use a better interface on desktop and mobile. Using Flip It, I'll be updating new and previous posts you may have missed at least every other day. Going to omptdaily.info you'll get what I'm currently reading!

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