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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links are from Ben Fung via Physio Spot, NOI Jam, and Zac Cupples!

It's an oxymoron for sure, you need experience to get consideration for a new job. How to do that as a new grad? A company took a chance on me as a new grad and hired me to be a clinic manager with zero experience. I thought I had applied for a staff PT position! I turned that former part time PT clinic into a bustling PT practice that eventually made several years of in the black prior to starting my own practice. Dr. Ben Fung has a unique view on the new grad's conundrum regarding their willingness to work and productivity.

Dr. David Butler pays tribute to one of the founders of neurodynamics (when it was called adverse neural tension)... Bob Elvey! I was surprised to hear in a recent NOI Jam post that he had only met Elvey a few times.

Dr. Zac Cupples continues his review of Gray Cook's Movement. Chapter 9 is about Analyzing the Movements in Screens and Assessments. He goes over the big 7 of the FMS, not the SFMA's Top Tier.

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