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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Charlie Weingroff, Chris Johnson, and Jeff Cubos.

Dr. Charlie Weingroff recently answered another FMS question on attaining symmetrical 2's on the FMS after an intervention. What then? This question comes up on the FMS and the SFMA quite a bit because they are test-retest methods. Bonus! If all goes well, I should be assisting Charlie at a Training=Rehab Course in Buffalo, NY on Oct 19, 2013!

More Chris Johnson! Believe it! He is a frequent go to site for me as I treat a decent amount of runners. Note, the vid in his post is actually NOT still pictures... that's how awesome his motor control is! One thing that bugs me about rehab programs is people getting all bosu or dyna disc on a patient that is no where near rock solid on static ground. How does that improve balance?

Dr. Jeff Cubos is wondering about our Junior Level Athletes being taped up, wearing braces etc, and not having anywhere near the amount of wear and tear than an athlete even in their mid 20s has. When I watch my 4 and 6 yo girls do gymnastics, there is quite a bit of static stretching (minutes!) some light jogging, jumping jacks and that's about it. The program does not seem to vary prior to actually performing, and there certainly is no movement screening. Just another void for me to fill I guess!

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