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Vidcast Wednesdays! Q&A on Outcomes and MDT

A blog reader has questions about his own outcomes compared to those of his former instructors.

Hey Dr. E,

Coming out of PT school I did my rotation and worked at a clinic that used the MDT as their primary method of treating the spine but didn't stick to the principles the way that the McKenzie instructors say to. We ended up treating spine patients up to 12 visits or so. After going through the courses and before sitting for the exam I tried following strictly McKenzie because the instructors and other people in the classes would say how they could treat spine in 5 visits. I still rarely got those results.

I was wondering in your experience if you were able to get quick results like that and how did you go about doing so if that is the case? I know each patient is treated differently and I see that you use an eclectic approach but I was interested in how quick the results you got were from using strictly McKenzie.


Adrian Datu

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