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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links are below!

First, check out a great #BizPT and #BrandPT post by my man, Dr. Ben Fung, guest posting on Physio Spot. He's got a lot of great ideas, who will be the first to come out with a real viral video for PT?

Next, what is Natural Running? One of my favorite running resources, Runblogger attempts to answer that using some footage taken of a barefoot running race in slow motion. I used to try and coach runners to go mid-foot strike, but more focus on stride length and cadence as well as the obvious movement symmetry.

Physio Blogger wrote a good post about foot function and dysfunction. Do you classify foot types? I actually don't classify types of any body part, just look at motion/position's effect on Sx and for movement asymmetry in motion or motor control because these lead me to classification and treatment.

The OMPT Daily is below!

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