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Today's Interesting Finds!

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Today's Interesting finds include a DNS Sport Review that also links back to a few other DNS reviews that are worth reading.

The more I read about g-code modifiers and all the BS that is going on with Functional Limitation Reporting, the more I think I am just going to take the hit when it comes to filling outcomes measures, or give up taking Medicare patients altogether. I only have 1 active Medicare patient at a time these days, and encourage my patients who are switching to take a HMO based plan. Our local HMOs do not enforce and we do not have peer review. Here's another story which makes perfect sense to a clinician, just like most of my headache patients, who actually have no functional limitations, only pain. Thanks for sharing Clinicient!

My regular blog readers know I do very little "core" training with any population. In fact, many of my runners and athletic patients already have "strong" cores. I am more of a fan of movement symmetry and coordination/motor control. Greg Lehman wrote a great post on core training and it's place for runners.

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