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Talking PT with Dr. Ben Fung

Dr. Ben Fung and I go way back, and by way back, I mean almost 2 years in social media. That's like dog years!

I decided to go back to my roots and speak to one of the first connections I made online and have a chat about physical therapy, business, marketing, advice to new grads, and the DPT among other things. This was supposed to be an interview, but I hi-jacked it a bit making it more of a flowed discussion. I hope you enjoy! For more great posts on #bizPT, #acutecare and others, please visit Dr. Fung's website.

Here is Ben's latest post on New Grad Career Strategies. I say go for all 3, that's what I did!

edit: Ben looks super pale compared to me in the vid, we figured out it was him sitting directly under a yellow light. Next time the lighting will be better!

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