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Today's Interesting Finds!

The OMPT Daily is out! Click below for Today's Top Posts!

Top posts today are from Mike Reinold, who was lucky enough to spend time with Leon Chaitow. Chaitow's texts were some of the first I purchased as a new grad. I haven't finished Breathing Pattern Disorders but will do so after this glowing course summary!

Jesse Awenus recently posted Thoracic Manipulation Made Easy. Click on the link and watch the vid!

Harrison Vaughn also asks if PT patients are harder to treat. I have a buddy who is a DC and PT and he told me this years ago. Someone wakes up, meets a CPR, goes to the chiro, someone has an acute lateral shift with foot drop and neuro signs, goes to the MD, time gets wasted and they walk in your door 6-8 weeks later.

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