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COTW Update! Iatrogenic Knee Pain Part 2

Part 1 of our fearful knee patient is here. I have since followed up with her twice and here are the results.

Follow up results

  • The patient had borrowed my large mirror box over the weekend and was able to hold it herself while she did mini-squats
  • she did about 30-40 3-4 times/day
  • She had not worn her knee brace in 4 days, except to workout
    • piloxing (not sure exactly what this entails, but my imagination runs wild with it)
    • TRX, which increases her stability and decreases her anxiety and allows her to bend her knee past 30 degrees in WB
  • she has much less crepitus, pain and anxiety, but now has medial knee pain
  • observation of mini lunge and mini squat shows medial knee tracking
  • instruction of knee going over the 2nd toe reduces knee pain, but causes mild aching in lateral knee
  • this was abolished with EDGE Mobility band wrapping above and below the patella
  • adding mobilization with movement posterior talar glide and tibial IR enabled her to bend in each activity to at least 40 degrees without fear, anxiety or pain
  • IASTM was performed to the lateral upper and lower LE patterns and MWMs to the hip and ankle were also performed again
  • HEP was progressed to watching herself in a mirror and checking her knee tracking
  • gluteus medius strengthening was also demonstrated and performed correctly from instructions last week
  • next week plan on looking at rolling patterns

More to come after this week's treatments!

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