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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Modern Manual PT, Thinking Physical Therapy, and Optimum Sports Performance.

New PT Blogs are popping up all over the place! That's great for those of us in social media, the more info the better. John Feil starts out his with a story very similar to mine, having a new addition to the family and starting a new practice at the same time. John, you know I can relate and I'm pulling for you bud! You'll make it work! Best of luck!

Adam Rufa reviewed recent literature on red flags. Despite the conclusion of the article, I still think you're better off referring out in the presence of several red flags; especially when you combine that with unremitting night pain and patients that are not improving within 6 visits. The last time I had a patient with cervical, lumbar and thoracic pain, the cervical and lumbar pain cleared up rather quickly. No change with the thoracic pain for several weeks. She came back from a 1 month vacation and had lost at least 20-30# and she was already thin to begin with. I referred her out and it turns out she had terminal cancer.

Patrick Ward gives his thoughts on CrossFit after reviewing a study on it. I agree with everything he said especially about the dropout rate. Not everyone looks like the athletes on the facebook CrossFit page. In fact, this is what comes to mind when I think CrossFit

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