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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from JR Sport Performance, Jesse Awenus, and Jeff Cubos.

Jesse Awenus wrote a great post about the "D" word. What's he talking about? DISCHARGE.... shhh... don't say it too loud. You may lose business! I agree with what he said on all points. I tell my patients from day 1 it will take between 6-8 visits, and possibly more, or less depending on how fast they respond and how compliant they are. Since decreasing my visit average, I have seen an increase in personal referrals; my business partner and I have only gotten busier in the 2 years our practice has been open. At times, up to 70% of our patients are self referred or referred by a friend/family member.

PT vs Chiro... round 2, FIGHT!.... or not.. Want to hear a refreshing take on DC and DPT schools by two bright, diverse students? It's lengthy but worth a read and goes into many of the issues I take with current education. Great post Jas and Kyle! You guys are ahead of the game!

Do you look for diastasis recti in any populations other than post-partum women? Jeff Cubos wrote two posts on this very subject, both in swimmers. Makes me more excited to take the DNS Sport Courses coming to Mississauga this year! Here is the first post, and link to the second.

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