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Q&A Time! How Do I Market for TMD

This week's Q&A asks How Do I Market for TMD?

First of all you have to choose your market. Many of the patients with TMD issues are being told they have migraines or trigeminal neuralgia just because of their Sx.

I target the following in order for my TMD referrals
  • dentists - duh! 
    • It's not no pain no problem, the asymptomatic click or asymmetry in mandible movement is an indication they should refer out
  • neurologists
    • patients with HA and/or neck pain
  • ENTs
    • earache, sinus pain 
    • when the testing is negative, time to refer out
I find by teaching other health care professionals or fitness professionals some simple tests that can be implemented into their screens, they are more likely to refer to you. Here is that screen.

There is absolutely a market for these patients who are just being medicated or improperly treated by other passive health care professionals. Find the right docs and get out there and help these people!

Next up in referral screens is what I teach running store salespeople, runners in general, and fitness professionals on what to look for in lower quarter movement asymmetry before referring out.

I have set up a new service to help integrate EMR, marketing, website, social media, etc at EDGE Health and Tech Solutions!

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