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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Dynamic Chiropractic, SMR Blog, and the sSIG AAOMPT Blog.

Want a recent lit review of lumbar thrust manipulation? Look no further than the Student SIG of the AAOMPT! Chad Cook and several students performed the first Systematic Review on the safety of Lumbar Thrust Manip by PTs. Click here for the results.

SMR Blog reviews research on a dual task assessment to differentiate patients with and without a concussion. If you manage athletes, this is a great study to review.

The Rib Roll or what I call the open book is a great thoracic mobility exercise. I often give it to patients with both upper and lower quarter issues as it tends to be an area that loses mobility. Dr. Perry Nickelston breaks it down for you on a post for Dynamic Chiropractic.

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