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Quick Links

It a cervical manipalooza for today's Quick Links!

First up is IFOMPT's International Framework for Examination of the Cervical Region on Physiopedia. That would be Cer-Vy-Cal in all English speaking countries other than the US. Make sure not to confuse it with manipulation or examination of the cervix!

OMPT Blog is up for best student PT Blog on Therapydia. The latest post reviews the research on the ever controversial cervical thrust manipulation. Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze? John Snyder believes it is, and of course I agree, even if I only do 1-2 a month (other than when I'm teaching).

Dr. Harrison Vaughn recently wrote another By the Numbers Post. This time it's the number of cavitations Dr. James Dunning gets on average for a rotatory AA thrust manip versus a 1996 study by another author. So what's this mean? Not much mechanically, but if patients have positive expectation that the thrust will be effective, more cavitations may just be what the doctored ordered.

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