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Friday 5: 5 Techniques for "SIJ" Dysfunction

Here are 5 Techniques I have found useful for patients who do not respond to repeated motions in the lumbar spine.

If you follow the research driven lumbar screen to rule in SIJ I suggested on Wednesday's post, and/or repeated lumbar or standard lumbar treatments are not working for your unilateral L/S pain patient, you can try the following treatments.

1) MWM Iliac Crest Hip Swing

Very useful for unilateral pain with walking and single limb stance. Also very easy to instruct for HEP to repeat hourly.

2) MWM Iliac Crest REIL

If the above technique does not work, I try this one next. Often, normal pressups without the iliac crest hold or cat-camels in quadruped work well to hold the results of getting it "moving."

3) The Sacral Spring

My next go to technique. It's a shotgun for sure and considering the sacrum moves very little to not at all in the ilium, the effects are neurophysiologic, but it tends like the above two techniques to be pain free with great and fast results.

4) Psoas Release

If the above techniques do not hold and the patient is compliant I also look to release any of the major common dysfunctional tissues including the psoas and the QL

5) QL Release

I also check why the lumbosacral area had pain in the first place and look at rolling patterns to screen for timing/motor control issues and movement asymmetry if the above techniques do not have lasting improvements.

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