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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from My Rehab Exercise Blog, NOI Notes, and Yoga Tune Up.

Why Should You Become an Afascianado is a great post with review of some current fascia concepts of tensegrity and lines (what I call patterns) by Robin Capobianco (wife of Dr. Steven Capobianco). Just some great info in a succinct post. I like to post links with buzzwords like fascia, posture, manipulation, soft tissue work, etc... so that member of certain forums create threads and complain about how backward we are.

Dr. David Butler has blackberry thumb! In another great post, he talks about the importance of remembering the peripheral nervous systems and the AIGs, a concept I learned from him in one of his first duo Explain Pain and MOTNS waaaay back in 2002.

Dr. Philip Snell wrote a review of the newer DNS Sport Courses and compared them to the standard DNS A-D. I have yet to take any of these courses, but enough of the better clinicians on social media have said great things about them, so I am excited for them to come to Mississauga (wife's hometown!).

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