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Top 5 Fridays! The Most Read Posts of 2012

I want to thank all the readers for your support, questions, sharing, and making this blog what it is today!

Last year around this time, I asked for shares so I could get my page hits up to 100,000, this year I'm almost pushing 600,000! What a great year, and I learned just as much if not more from other clinicians on social media as well!

Here are the Top 5 Most Popular Posts of 2012

5) Reciprocal Inhibition for STM

It was so simple yet such as revelation that helped reduce tone right before IASTM or Functional Release. My patient's appreciated it as well!

4) Terminology and Abbreviations

I HAD to even make this a permanent link at the top menu bar because every week I would get emails asking for a terminology post. Mobile viewers were not seeing it so I removed the mobile view. If you haven't read it, and wonder what MSR or REIL means, check it out.

3) Scapular Taping For Postural Awareness

Again, a simple premise and technique. I do not use this too often as I want patients to move often and reset their scapular repeatedly throughout the day. However, it works great as a reminder as long as your patient is not allergic to adhesive - make sure you ask!

2) My Top 5 Techniques for Cervicogenic HA

Just another review of posts I have made before, all wrapped into one. The subcranial shear distraction by Dr. Rocabado is a game changer!

drum roll please!

1) Eclectic Strategies to Improve Ankle Mobility

Who couldn't use a little more dorsiflexion! Combine this with a simple reset for HEP of passive end range overpressure into plantarflexion and it's win/win! Thanks to other pages like sportsrehabexpert and Mike Reinold for featuring this as well!

2012 was a great year for PTs in social media, with more blogs popping up and much more activity on facebook and twitter. I'm personally waiting for google+ to take off as the hangouts are easy to do and may be a feature of Q&A soon! 2013 will bring my The Eclectic Approach courses to the USA, Canada, and Chile! Can't wait to meet some of you readers in person!

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