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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Chris Johnson, Gray Cook, and Body in Mind.
One of Chris Johnson's specialties is evaluating and treating runners. Check out this great video analysis of an elite runner on the treadmill. Complete with slow motion highlights of his various dysfunctions, great for analysis of regional interdependence! I'm going to have my wife film me in normal and slow motion and get his take!

Watch Gray Cook and Brett Jones, master RKC talk about deadlifts versus squats. It's a great 20 minute video and of course it features kettlebells. Great points about distance, bell placement and hip movement!

Body in Mind takes on placebo again, and Steve Kamper is giving it up! I love the questions he raises at the end about the ethics of a clinician using a treatment he knows to be inert. I agree that there is no inert treatment and they all have mechanisms. In the past few years, I've come to realize there is more than traditional mechanical mechanisms and manual therapy is hopefully heading there as well. It will be a big part of all of my courses lined up for next year! I'd still say the placebo, is both redudant and powerful!

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