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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Dr. Perry Nickelston, Dr. Charlie Weingroff, and Everything RKC.

Everything RKC posted a series of videos from Delaine Ross, RKC. She gives great explanations and video demonstrations of the swing, snatch, TGU, squat, and press.

SCP founder Perry Nickelston posted an instructional video on a diagonal side sit exercise for the core, serratus anterior, lat, and glute. Thanks for the great variation!

Dr. Charlie Weingroff posted a Q&A on Fascia or Motor Control. I'm with Charlie, it could be either or both. We have advantages over the best movement experts and coaches as clinicians because we can reset movement faster with manual therapy. That doesn't mean you shouldn't train someone to move better or assume it will stay without appropriate corrective exercise for maintenance of the improvement.

New OMPT Channel Update! Cervical Treatment - Some assessment and treatment, 13 minute video!

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