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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from The Body Mechanic.ca, The International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy, and Jeff Cubos.

Dr. Jeff Cubos gives a great demonstration of a bottoms up exercise with a kettlebell. This is a great exercise for shoulder mobility and is a progression from the standard kettlebell grip. Both exercises really give a lot of proprioceptive feedback as well. Try it! Not so easy to keep the bell rotating along the same axis!

Dr. Greg Lehman reviewed some biomechanics research on the lack of hip extension and why a PT researcher believes it leads to running injuries. Interesting stuff about the pendulum effect and leading to overstriding. As usual, he questions the integrity of such claims with his healthy skepticism, and because I also follow the evidence, I can see why. Yes, there will always be people out there with a lack of hip extension with no running injury (or LBP, etc), same goes for any biomechanical fault. It does not mean these are things you should never address. If someone comes to me with poor movement (and not necessarily pain), I try to make their movement more efficient as much as possible. Patients are individuals, not asymptomatic poorly moving n's in someone's study.

Here is a link to an article in the International Journal of Sports PT. It's a great review on different forms of stretching and what the evidence tells us to do. We should share this with our patients! I love telling coaches and people who have been advocating static stretching for years how to save 10-15 minutes/day. While this purely isn't a static vs dynamic stretching article, it does go over the research that has been making the rounds in the past few years about static stretching decreasing performing in certain activities compared to dynamic stretching. It's research like this that makes me happy I never liked to stretch!

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