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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Conditioning Research, Body in Mind, and About.com.

Body in Mind recently posted a well produced animated vid about How Nerves Work from TEDEd. What is more interesting than the video are the comments below the post. Be sure to check them out!

Brett writes the PT section over at about.com. He recently posted about being a #smartclinician. It's an ebook published by Clinic Server with quotes from various clinicians about starting your own practice. Yours truly even provided a snippet of wisdom!

Conditioning Research posted a quick review of a another study that states how important walking is. The n is small and was only on young healthy individuals. It showed that light exercise on the day of eating higher fat meal decreased postprandial serum triglyceride. The effect was stronger when the exercise occurred after meals than before. What's the take home? Walk after your meals!

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