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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Kettlebell Athletics, MobilityWOD and My Physical Therapy Space.

If you exercise with KBs you should absolutely check out Kettlebell Athletics on youtube. Jason has over 100 videos with variations on exercise and hints and tips on correcting your form. Are you smashing your wrist trying to perform snatches as I still am? (Getting better though!). Here is a great slow motion vid and some other tips I've posted earlier regarding performing a few high pulls and then progressing them into the snatch. I especially like the transition from IR to ER. Just tried it, still difficult! I am in the consciously incompetent phase!

KStar's take on why we should stop icing! He reviews some research I wasn't aware of. I mainly use heat to give me time to run and type a SOAP and I barely ice anyone (I need the table for the next patient). I also firmly believe to reduce pain, it works, not so sure about swelling. It most likely works by expectation or some sort of similar reason why STM works with brain changes and numbing movement, thus making it "safe" again. Read, People, We've Got to Stop Icing. We Were Wrong, Soooo Wrong!

Does Medicare have a sense of humor? That's what @physicaltherapy (Larry Benz of EIM) proposes after you read the latest changes to their rules and regs. I was flabbergasted earlier this year when I found out from physicaltherapydiagnosis.com that as a par provider, I cannot opt out of charging Medicare... my patients cannot private pay nor waive it. Now I wish I had not become par and kept those patients on a private pay basis so I would not have to deal with "skilled" PT, documentation by the minute, etc... I am glad that many of my patients are switching to HMO based medicare plans.

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