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Quick Case!

Golf pro comes in today, being treated by my partner. Always wants a thoracic manip to improve his rotation.

It is limited moderately to the right - not a rolling issue. Also getting manipulated by PT at a different practice weekly (for years) - rotation limitation always returns. Instead of manipulating him, I focused on breathing and pelvic alignment as he was a THE definition of sternal breather. I regressed him to hips flexed, abducted, ER (in lying) with feet together. At that point, he was finally able to belly breath with rib expansion in all four directions. We practiced this for 7-10 minutes. Rotation was then full in all directions.

I love manipulation, but that horse is not only dead, it's beaten to dust. My colleague remarked, "Breathing! It's like rotating in both directions at the same time!" - classic!

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