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A Weekend With Weingroff!

At RPI with the Man Himself!
Love a guy that makes me feel physically tall, and intellectually small!
In January of 2012, I was extremely excited to fly to NJ and take a course co-taught by Drs. Perry Nickelston, and Charlie Weingroff! I arrived about 10 minutes early, but the weather wasn't great (avg for Buffalo, NY however). I excitedly walked up to Charlie, who introduced himself to me, then told me the course was cancelled!

I was so disappointed! However, only a few months ago, he emailed me asking me to be his guest at Training = Rehab, Rehab = Training course he was holding around Albany, NY! What a guy, and he certainly did not have to do this, I was honored and humbled by his knowledge!

The course was 2 days, there were 2 PTs, 3 DPT students (only 1 if you count me, then the assistant Greg), a bunch of chiros, some personal trainers, and others. It was a great mix.

I just want to highlight the course, and give my thoughts on Charlie. The short review, AMAZING! If you are a PT/chiro/ATC, or in fitness, and also work-out, this is for you. Seriously, the core naysayers, have NEVER challenged themselves or most likely their clients.

Charlie is just the right amount of dynamic, hilarious, well versed, researched, and opinionated. I was engaged the entire course, and no one left early! Take this course if you want to train any clients at a high level, which just does not only include athletes. Several smaller females pressed heavy KBs by the end, something they certainly never thought they would do before.

Some great Charlie quotes/wisdom

"I subscribe to the Journal of Winning!"

"Charlie, expert x, says to hinge and squat like this..." Charlie, "How much can expert x squat?" It was actually much funnier because expert x is a highly respected clinician, but I do not want to toss out names.

"Not reliable means sometimes reliable, would you really abandon something clinically if it works 90% of the time?"

EMGs do not tell the entire story.

  • high EMG readings may be indicative of protective mechanisms
  • low EMG may mean more is in reserve
My best example of this is my recent triathlete patient who could only overhead DS by bracing his abs so hard it looked like his head was going to explode. High EMG, but it is TOO much, not always better!

Stable systems should have full mobility to access proprioception. 
Manual therapy, is just the shortcut we as health professionals need to make these things happen. Our resets are faster!

Every patient should KNOW they're doing the exercise wrong, give them cues, feedback, make them own and succeed, then you can leave them alone!

The less corrective exercises, the better.

a strong core

1. demonstrates appropriate stiffness for the desired movement
2. demonstrates appropriate respiratory pattern
3. has proper timing of the inner core
4. has enough capability to stabilize the spine to allow desired mobility of the hips and t-spine
- outer core contributes without
5. controls neck and pelvis in optimal positions for force production
- neutral stability

I could go on, and these are just some minor highlights, take the course to get the advice!  If you can't take the course, I HIGHLY recommend the DVD! Update: Now an affiliate for this amazing course on DVD/streaming!

I also want to give a shout out to the course host, Dr. Jason and his wife Alison Brown, who are very knowledgeable and well rounded clinicians themselves. It was great to get their perspective and see them teach Charlie one of my least favorite (b/c I stink at it) thrust manips for CT, in prone!

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