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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Conditioning Research, Boston Sports Medicine and Performance Group via @laserdr, and the McKenzie World Press.

Conditioning Research quickly reviewed an article on central vs peripheral fatigue. Interesting delineation between the two. Follow the link to see how you can differentiate! All in Your Mind, Even With Weights!

Dr. Perry Nickelston recently wrote a great post for BSMPG on Five Hidden Signs of Instability. Just learned this weekend to assess breathing at end ranges of SFMA movements, or any movement to see if breathing becomes labored, or altered, signalling they do not own the movement.

The McKenzie Institute just started a new site, and of course the feature commentary is from Robin himself. One interesting point about patients not being clients. From a healthcare perspective, I agree, but not from a private practice perspective. I don't own institutes in many different counties and have patients and clinicians out the wazoo demanding my services, so for me, patients are 100% clients. His last part, about where are they now, reminds me of meeting a chiro during Weingroff's course this weekend that I met 12 years ago during McKenzie C in Boston because of a joke he told.

A chiro is standing in line at the bank, he sees the guy massaging his neck in front of him, so he grabs his neck and manipulates him left and right with a big crack. The other guy says, "What the hell are you doing?" The chiro says, "Don't worry, I'm a chiropractor." The guy in front says, "Well, I'm a lawyer, you don't see me f-ing the guy in front of me!" - Dr. Steve Miller (not of the band), did not think we had met until I asked him if he ever told that joke, and he had.

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