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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Mobility Wod, ACSM.org, and Body in Mind.

Here is more evidence for forefoot running versus heel strike. @SnippetPhysTher first linked back to this on twitter, thanks Selena! This article on ACSM.org examined injury rates comparing rear strikers and forefoot strikers. The injury rates on the heel strikers had approximately twice the amount of repetitive stress injuries. Major trauma was not significantly different between the two groups.

Why put your kids at a movement disadvantage? Interesting facts here from Mobility Wod founder Dr. Kelly Starrett. I noticed recently that all of my kids (5 and under) are forefoot runners. They all still have shoes without heel lifts. Looks like we'll be going Converse and Vans as well. Hope they like the old school. Thanks Kelly!

It's not an all forefoot running day, Lorimer Moseley's group is in the process of peer review and had four separate reviewers critique the research. Two were positive, two were negative. He is posting this for open and honest discussion and not overt criticism. Read on if you're interested!

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