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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Sue Croft, Kettlebell Therapy, and Neuroskeptic.

Do you talk to your patients about ANLs? We do all day about ADLs. Sue Croft's recent blog post gives an example of potential differences between the men and women's views of sexual dysfunction.

Dr. Ben Fung finished his series of posts on Unsnagging the Kettlebell Snatch. Written with his usual flare for physics, you get more hints and tips on how to improve your snatch. I am still having trouble with mine on my right, maybe it's time to address the restrictions in my right ankle, hip, thoracic spine, and shoulder. Just saying...

File this under strange and disturbing! Neuroskeptic reviews a study on the results of image analysis study Freesurfer. Luckily as the post points out, it is not used to Dx brain tumors and is only for research purposes. Still, how odd is it that different versions of the software produce different results; plus, different OS versions (pc vs mac) also produce different results (and even different mac OS differences).

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