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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Kettlebell Therapy, Charlie Weingroff, and Sue Croft Physiotherapist.

Dr. Ben Fung has just completed part 2 of Unsnagging the Kettlebell Snatch! He review common mistakes this time around. Very painful videos looking videos Ben! Thanks for the info! My DeQuervain's flared up again on my nondominant side during my first workout (I've been doing ten swings or snatches after each patient) with multiple sets. Looks like I'm still doing something wrong! No problems with my dominant so I'll be sticking to swings, presses, windmills, and get ups for now!

Dr. Charlie Weingroff posted a very long a detailed look at the elusive unicorn of the FMS, the dreaded rotatory stability test! It is a very insightful look at someone fully entrenched in both the FMS and the SFMA. Ever tried either the Hurdle Step or the Rotatory Staiblity Test? If not, try them! Either are not as easy as they look. I'm going to have my HS filmed in case it's not the 3 I think it is...

Sue Croft, a women's health physio, had a guest post about running and the pelvic floor. Michelle Kenway does a Q&A about how and why running may affect the pelvic floor and what you can do about it.

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