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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Life is Movement: Movement is Life, Rehab Chiropractor, and Stop POPTs

Dr. Don Reagan recently posted about bringing the Kettlebell into Rehab. If it were not for blogging and finding clinicians like him and Dr. Ben Fung, I would not have! Awesome workout that can be done by most combining aerobic, core, and strengthening. I like his point about not contraindicating movements, but individuals for particular movements.

Dr. Jason Brown sent me a link to his review of Dr. Craig Liebenson's Clinical Audit Process. I have yet to read his very well reviewed text, Rehabilitation of the Spine, but it is on my list! The CAP uses MDT as a basis and expands from there using concepts very similar to the SFMA and FMS. Sounds very similar to my clinical decision making and thought process since reading Movement. Thanks for the link, Jason, great review!

Stop POPTs updated their blog with a post about the California Physical Therapist Private Practice Group (CA PPG) Points to Reason for California Orthopaedic Association’s (COA) Flip-flopping on Direct Access Compromise. It does seem fishy, seriously, how much more data must be collected before they are outlawed in all states?

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