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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from In Touch PT, Eat, Lift, and Be Happy, and youtube.

Dr. Harrison Vaughn recently posted "Is Spinal Manipulation Further Separating PTs from PTAs?" He did a quick spinal manip literature search by year and it is definitely becoming a more popular topic. However, I take Paris' stance on PTAs and spinal manipulation, and the same even goes for something like MDT. Something that causes rapid change like either of the aforementioned techniques can immediately worsen or improve, so absolutely should not be performed by a PTA. As far as "the only difference is evaluation," well absolutely! What do we have without the evaluation? When PTAs tell me that, I'm sure their experience of a PT Eval is just ROM and MMT, which anyway can do. The evaluation, clinical decision making, ruling in/out competing Dx and looking at regional interdependence is not within their scope. That being said, I have worked with some amazing PTAs, who had great manual skills and were absolutely assets in my former practice. I told them they should go back to PT school in fact. So I do not want to come down on a PTA, I am just separating scope of practice. Honestly, do PAs give MDs the "The only difference between you and I...?"

My wrist is still feeling much better and nearly 100% after the cortisone injection. I have really been working on my kettlebell form and finally got the snatch down, which is most likely what gave me DeQuervain's in the first place. I came across this great post from Neghar Fonooni, who blogs at Eat, Lift, and Be Happy. She really breaks down the KB snatch, which is quite difficult to master, as myself and my current athletic students have found! This post really brought it home, she even has a slow motion video. Do You Have a Sloppy Snatch?

Bret Contreras, the glute guy, quickly demonstrates a clam progression. Tough stuff!

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