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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Forward Thinking PT, Sports Medicine Research, and Optimum Sports Performance

SMR reviewed research on conservative care (experienced PT supervised exercise bi-weekly) vs. arthoscopic surgery. The outcomes measures filled out in the long term showed no differences in improvements, at 24 and 60 months. Only a small amount of patients showed worsening on radiographic comparisons before and after.

Dr. Joe Brence reviewed an article on upper quarter neurodynamics for his fellowship. Great post idea! Maybe I'll have my fellow's research reviews as posts in the future! No surprise here, as the neurodynamic group did better than the control group for short term improvements.

Patrick Ward recently had a case published in the Journal of Massage Science. The case is free to read in the link provided on his site. He uses a combination of STM, releases, and corrective exercise. His assessment seems to be based on the SFMA and the FMS.

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