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Quick Links!

This weekend's Quick Links come from Forward Thinking PT, Kettlebell Therapy, Sports Medicine Research, and Conditioning Research.

Dr. Brence over at Forward Thinking PT posted a video of David Butler demonstrating some neurodynamics! Classic Butler crazy outfit in the first few techniques.

Dr. Fung's part 2 on Spine Wellness, Physio Style! Definitely a market for those who have direct access that is reimbursable or clients who are willing to pay for it. Nothing more frustrating than having patients go directly to other practitioners for wellness when we can do it more comprehensively and treat any underlying dysfunction that may not be symptomatic.

 SMR reviews an article about early PROM with R/C repairs. For small to medium tears, there were no ROM differences at any point and also in function. May save some already limited visits for the more aggressive and skilled side after the phase 1.

Vitamin D, it's the new Vitamin B! (As in the newly highly recommended supplement) Spotted this on Conditioning Research who posted a link to a PubMed abstract. The authors found Vit D supplements helped with strength and balance in older individuals. No effect on gait was demonstrated.

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