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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links are vids!  Don't miss Lorimer Moseley, Drew Henley, or NOI Group.

The man himself, Lorimer Moseley giving a 48 minute lecture on pain. Always entertaining and informative. A must watch, make time to see it! Via youtube and posted by @noigroup

Drew Henley gives a good demonstration of some core strengthening exercises. Some interesting variations and ones I'm excited to try myself!

Lastly, a quick vid of the median nerve sliding and gliding with elbow flexion and extension. Much more movement than I expected. I will be showing this one during my upcoming neurodynamic courses!

* bonus
Last minute addition, found by @SnippetPhysTher, an article publised in 2009 in Manual Therapy. It's long and looks at The Mechanisms of Manual Therapy in the Treatment of Musculoskeletal Pain. It brings up several good points, but makes some has the same issues with manual therapy that all research does. The conundrum essentially is, if assessments are not reliable and valid, how can the treatments be? Yet treatment outcomes for research for lumbar manipulation, cervical manipulation, thoracic manipulation (for cervical), as well as neurodynamic have been shown to have positive short and long term effects. They and other researchers state that if you cannot isolate one nerve during a neurodynamic test, it invalidates it. You actually cannot isolate ANY structure in any movement or testing, it is helpful to think of them as median nerve, radial nerve, 1st rib mobilizations, and cervical downglide thrusts, however, they should really be seen as movement patterns that can be actively or passively implemented to improve motion and decrease pain. They have most likely mechanical, peripheral, and centrally mediated effects.

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