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Quick Links!

More interesting reads to get you through the weekend! Today's Quick Links come from Joe Friel, Dr. Jarod Carter, DPT, the Sports Physiotherapist, and the NIH

Joe Friel blogs for the endurance athlete and asks, What is Fatigue? He goes over both classic theory and more recent CNS ones.

Dr. Jarod Carter, DPT, a young DPT who started his own cash for service PT clinic, interviews Ann Wendel, PT, ATC, CMTPT, who recently started her own cash based clinic. She has a setup very similar to mine, as a consultant PT. We both do not own a physical brick and mortar clinic, but instead work inside another PT clinic as a consultant, but synergistically. Both practices are separate businesses. I am currently celebrating my 1 year anniversary since going into practice for myself, and I can only say it has been the best thing for my career I have ever done! Maybe someday I'll go cash based like Ann and Jarod have!

Pain Catastrophizing: a Critical Review, through the NIH website posted by @painphysio

A long and detailed review on pain catastrophizing. A must read for anyone treating individuals with chronic/persistent pain. Not an easy topic to breach or to treat.

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