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Technique Highlight: Rib Functional Mobilization

This is the technique I had the other Dr. Religioso perform on me on the Case of the Week when I thought I had a "lat strain."

Pt: sitting upright in proper posture, straddling the corner of the table/plinth

PT: standing behind patient


  • mobilizing hand ulnar border or web space on posteriorly positioned rib
  • pt actively rotates to the ipsilateral side of rib dysfunction, i.e. rib positional fault on the left, pt rotates left
  • mobilizing hand gives P/A glide as patient rotates other ribs relatively posteriorly
  • this gives the involved rib a relative anterior, lateral, and superior glide
  • perform for 2-3 sets of 10 repetitions
  • Pt may control the amount of force, excursion, depending on comfort levels
This technique effectively eliminated my "lat strain" after just 20 or so repetitions, enabling me to work out that night!

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