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Interview on The CashPT Lunch Hour #BizPT

I had the opportunity to be interviewed for the Cash PT Lunch hour with Dr. Aaron LeBauer. He not only has a Cash Based PT Private Practice, but also shows other clinicians how to do it themselves with his online products and consulting!

I had a great time on the interview and shared the different models I have used in the past including

  • the consultant model (business within an existing practice)
  • cash based PT within a gym (my current practice)
  • how to use Google Apps as inexpensive EMR
  • all the online/tech tips/apps I use for a very low overhead practice
Aaron even helped me out with some HMO based Medicare issues I was having with a patient. The interview is below. If you are interested in either a full time or part time Cash Based PT Practice, check out Aaron's online resources. We are even in the talks of combining services as I offer website/logo, and social media intergration along with Google Apps for EMR for a fee much lower than what a traditional web developer would offer.

CashPT Lunch Hour with Dr. E

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  1. Hi Dr. E,

    I had a quick question, will google docs be safe and secure enough according to the reulations of PHIA.

    Also, the app you refer to in the original post regarding time stamping your SOAP notes, what is this app called? Have you inquired with a legal representative if this would suffice?

    Great post and thanks for all the great reads!

  2. The app that could esign the notes and save them as pdf was hellosign, part of hellofax I believe. When I worked for a peer review company, I had their head of compliance look at my google docs idea, and she could not see any issues with it, as it met the minumum standards of double login (one to computer, another to google), only shared with members of your organization, etc. That being said, it's an interpretation, like any other legal one.