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Top 5 Fridays! 5 PT Created Products You Should Try

Since I am an entrepreneur, I thought I would share like minded PTs creations for those looking for innovative products for their practices and patients.

1) Motion Guidance
  • created by Dr. Tal Blair, DPT
  • my review of the product here
  • in essence, it is a great visual tool for patients to practice motor control for almost any area of their body
  • if you have your patients perform bird dogs for stability, single limb stance, cervical rotations with pattern assistance for motor control, this product is invaluable!

  • created by Dr. Gene Shirokobrod, DPT, my fellow Therapy Insiders Podcaster
  • do your patients like suboccipital release and wish they could get it at home?
  • do your patient's have necks?
  • not only does it give the cervical spine a novel input from restored lordosis, it enables the paraspinals to relax
  • I take this with me when I travel monthly for my seminars and also use it if I get a cervicogenic HA and after 5-10 minutes, any UQ tension or HA is normally relieved
  • also works great for use as lumbar support and for self mobilization of the thoracic and hard to self treat upper thoracic spines!
  • I will be posting a full review soon along with other uses

  • developed by FMS/SFMA founder Gray Cook,
  • after taking SFMA 2 (review here) you get a full appreciation of how versatile this band is and it's many uses for assisted and resisted corrective exercises
  • I will be posting examples in future videos as soon as next week
  • seriously, get light, medium and heavy ones for your clinic now!

  • my full review of this handy and innovative take on the hammer we have all used for forearm exercises is here
  • check out sample videos I shot on how you can use pronators to enhance standard strengthening and corrective exercises, here, here, and here.

  • my pal Charlie Weingroff's long awaited sequel to Training = Rehab
  • if you want to know more about stretching, mobility, corrective exercise, ways to vary your patient's programming and homework, this is 13+ hours of amazing content
  • I have assisted Charlie on variations of this course and his first, he is a dynamic speaker, very knowledgeable, and he always humbles me with his presentations
Any other PT developed products out there that I didn't cover (other than The EDGE Mobility System?)

Keeping it Eclectic...

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