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Q&A Time! Why Aren't My Treatments Sticking?

Recently, I asked what topics readers and listeners would like to hear on the Therapy Insiders Podcast. The first suggestion was, "Why are my treatments only sticking 1-2 days?"

Join Drs. Gene Shirokobrod, Joe Palmer, and myself on the latest Therapy Insiders Podcast here as we discuss why effective treatments may be transient. It's available for direct download, streaming, and on iTunes. I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season.

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  1. Hi guys, really enjoyed the podcast. I thought it had some great info regarding patient communication and interaction. I especially liked the concept of the 2-4 hour window with neurophys response to manual interventions and the importance of emphasizing to the patient their role in maintaining that response to increase that window. I was curious what the Chad Cook reference was that was alluded to on the show. Thanks again.

  2. Thanks! I'll look it up, I have it somewhere.

  3. Is it this one: Can a within/between-session change in pain during reassessment predict outcome using a manual therapy intervention in patients with mechanical low back pain? Manual Therapy 2012

    Chad E. Cook a,*, Chris Showalter b, Vincent Kabbaz c, Bryan O’Halloran