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Top 5 Fridays! 5 More Mistakes I See in the Clinic

Some of the more popular Top 5 Fridays Posts involved 5 mistakes in the past, here are 5 More Mistakes I See Others Make and Have Made Myself.

1) Assuming there is a one size fits all to a certain patient presentation
  • I have been guilty of this for many conditions in the past
  • whether it's no orthotics, everyone needs orthotics, everyone needs Pain Science Education, or everyone should run with a midfoot stance
  • there is no one size fits all, one treatment or assessment to rule them all because there are ALWAYS exceptions to the rule
  • there is also too much variability in patient's activities, beliefs, nervous systems, overall health and variables in general for any one treatment/assessment to cover all cases

2) Trying to get a patient to buy into a certain assessment/treatment
  • Whether it's these exercises will reduce your low back pain (or disc protrusion), or Pain is an output from the CNS in response to perceived threat
  • you ARE going to lose some patients with your explanations, rationale, treatment and assessment
  • experienced clinicians know when patient's eyes are glazing over and can immediately switch gears to a presentation they feel the patient will more readily accept

3) Buying into any particular guru or system's approach
  • this gets a good amount of clinicians into trouble somewhere along the line
  • I've said it many times before and I'll repeat it again, no ONE commercial model is going to get you their promised 80% or more success
  • in order to get a particular faculty member's success rate, you have to BE that person, using the same mannerisms, confidence, charisma, interaction, placebo and more
  • learning many different easy to understand and implement systems, and keeping it simple to a few treatments and home exercises work well for most cases

4) Trying to force compliance out of a non-compliant patient
  • some patients are not buying that you (or anyone short of surgery or miracle drugs) can help them
  • basically, my 2 visit leash for zero changes also applies to non-compliant patients
  • you’ll save yourself a lot of frustration if you just refer out to someone they think can help them

5) Treating too locally, or treating too globally
  • sometimes, a neck patient is just a neck, and you do not need to address breathing, thoracic spine, core stability
  • other times, an elbow patient with medial epicondylalgia has previous history of knee surgery and their lack of hip, tibial IR is contributing to their complaints during golf
  • what works for me is to address the proximal complaint/function first, then look at least one joint proximal and distal to be sure, then go after distal asymmetries

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