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Pain Free Psoas Release

The recent Pain Free Pec Minor Release was so popular, I thought I would repost this technique as you may have missed it last year when I posted it, or you may need a review.

Let's be clear, you are no where near the psoas when doing a release. I am just targeting the area around and above, and am very general to release lower quarter tone anteriorly, that's about it.

Why you should use this
  • it doesn't hurt
  • it rapidly improves hip and lumbar motion
    • if a patient needs sidegliding in standing for an ipsilateral LQ issue, but is unable to move without discomfort
  • supine, in hooklying
  • at least the involved LE needs to be bent at the hip and knee
  • standing on the involved side
  • use either the pads of digits 3-4 of both hands or even easier, an EDGE Mobility Ball (any ball will do)
  • assess resistance to A/P pressure lateral to the umbilicus on one side versus the other
  • the side with increased resistance is the side you should treat 
  • lightly apply A/P pressure, it SHOULD NOT cause any pain
  • at the point of resistance that is highest, have the patient complete 3-5 diaphragmatic breaths
  • make sure they exhale fully
  • the exhalation will help reduce tone autonomically
  • re-test the limited hip and/or lumbar motion

Keeping it Eclectic and hopefully making it easier on patients worldwide....


  1. Hello Dr E
    I have a question regarding getting the reach of release to the

    Psoas Muscle thought alll the contents of the abdomen , i not very sure about the reach of the technique , any evidence on the technique ? please would be helpful ?

  2. No, unlike most "psoas" release techniques. I say you're no where near the psoas - if you read the beginning of my post, I say that. Most traditional techniques tell you to push all the abdominal contents out of the way, I just am instructing on general lower quarter tone reduction around the abdomen. That's all.

  3. Great post Erson, i will definitely be giving this a try! any chance you have a pain free technique for a deep glutes release (piriformis etc)?

  4. Harrison, every soft tissue technique I do is painless. I guess it's time to shoot more videos.