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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Aaron LeBauer, Aaron Swanson, and Sarah Haag via Julie Wiebe.

OMPT Channel Update! Teaching the SFMA in The Eclectic Approach Chile course from September 2013, under The Assessments Channel. Some clinicians are getting reimbursed from their con-ed fund for their OMPT Channel subscription... hint hint....

Which would you be more interested in for a future The Eclectic Approach produce? An ebook or webinar for Eval, Reset, and Stabilize? #ERS is my new acronym for The Eclectic Approach's integrated movement assessment, treatments and self treatments to prepare the patient to accept repeated loading and unloading for problematic areas.

Onto the Quick Links!
Aaron LeBauer, who runs a cash based PT informational site is on the journey to running. As some of you may know, I picked up running again 3 years ago, after taking a break for 7 years. Working on symmetry, foot strike, and cadence all helped me eliminate knee pain that was preventing me from running. Aaron is on a similar path and looking at some of the same research and programs I did. Good luck Aaron!

Aaron Swanson has just published his June Hits, similar to my Quick Links, but features more links, quotes, and variety of sites to read. I always learn something new and find yet another good source of information to add to my RSS feeds.

When you think PT for Pelvic Floor Health, are you thinking female patients? Julie Wiebe, of the #pelvicmafia has a guest post from Sarah Haag, who talks about the various problems that males may have with pelvic floor dysfunction.

Remember to read The OMPT Daily for more Quick Links!

Keeping it Eclectic...

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