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Product Review: Lems Minimalist Shoes

Do you want to experience the comfort and proprioception that a minimalist shoe can offer, without looking like you're wearing gloves on your feet just to attract attention?

My wife bought me a pair of Lems Primal 2 Slate shoes for my birthday recently and I have been wearing them non stop! They are without a doubt the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn. They are extremely light, and very flexible. As you can see in their product shot above, they even easily roll up into a ball!

The toe box is very wide, important for getting that natural splay that your forefoot is supposed to have in WB positions. There is reportedly an 8 mm drop, but with the lack of arch support, and the rest of the sole having a similar height, it feels lower.

  • extremely light and flexible - just 6.9 oz!
  • wide toe box
  • no unnecessary arch support - pronation is normal in gait!
  • mesh top allows for easy breathing
  • collapsible design makes for easy packing
  • very soft sole, you can really feel the ground, pebbles, etc, allowing for increased proprioception
-'s (general negatives for those not used to minimalist footwear)
  • if you go cold turkey into these, you may develop arch pain
    • similar to wearing a knee brace most of the time, and then switching to loose pants
  • you may experience calf soreness if you run in them due to the need for increased dorsiflexion
  • more designs/colors needed
Review Adam Kelly's initial data collection using Lems as the control shoe here. He shared his final results with me, and the results were significantly improved dynamic balance in both experimental groups versus the control that were maintained at the 4 week follow up. He will share his results after he successfully defends his thesis this week.

Note: Unlike some of the reviews on this site, there is no affiliate linking, referral fees, etc... I am not affiliated with Lems in any way, I just love their product!

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  1. Wow this is a great shoe. Do you know where I can buy it?

  2. Hans, click on the link above in my post. Takes you directly to their website.

  3. You should try Altra shoes. They are zero drop and have a lot more colors.

  4. I have a pair of the Primal 2 and the Altra Superior. Both are fantastic shoes! I love my Lems and I plan on buying the Nine2Five when they release the black ones.

  5. Looked at the altra. How is the weight and toebox compared to the Lems?

  6. Per the Altra website, the Superior's weigh 8.9 oz compared to the 6.9 oz Lems. Not a noticeable difference in my opinion. The toe box is also very similar. The Altra's are more rigid than the Lems, but compared to other shoes they are very flexible.They are both comfortable shoes. I highly recommend both.

  7. I'll be sure the check them out, still don't run in 0 drop, calves not ready yet! I may still order another pair of Lems in a different color before going Altra, but will get those sometime in the future. Thanks!

  8. Great shoe! I have to buy these for my travels and will also recommend them to my friends :-)

  9. Let me know what you think! I'm going to order a second pair soon